I choose to be an educator because helping young people learn something new that expands their world view is the most fulfilling use of my life. In my experience, I have never been involved in another trade or occupation as satisfying as helping another person learn something new.  I choose the field of English because the ability to read and write has changed my life.  I find great power in literature and also in being able write my own knowledge and experience.  I hope to inspire today’s youth with literature and writing the way I have been inspired.  I desire to continue discovering new literature and writing new stories, essays, and experiences.  As an educator, I will be able to fulfill my desire.  I will be able to work and discover new insights side by side with my students.

I love to read.  I love to discover new people (real or fictional) and new places in literature.  I have been inspired by great books to change my world views.  However, my greatest strength is writing.  Between the reading and writing process, I have developed critical thinking skills, which are necessary for any teacher.  I have developed the ability to edit my own work and the work of others quickly and effectively that overall improves the quality of writing. 

By nature, I am a quiet calm person.  As such, I am able to reach and interact with the quiet students, those who are intimidated by the energetic.  Yet, I am able to associate with the enthusiastic and outspoken students, building a sense of camaraderie.  My ability to work with diverse personalities has been a great strength to me in my teaching experience.     

My long term goals include the continuation of reading, writing, and discovering knowledge. I will strive to continue guiding youth on the journey of discovery.  I understand that the first few years of teaching will be hard; nevertheless, I desire and will work toward becoming a master teacher of Language Art in five years and inspire my students to think critically and use their skills to better their lives and society.  I see in my future the continuation of my education with ESL, SpED, and Reading endorsements as well as a Masters degree in English or education.


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