DM1 – Diversity: Teacher candidates understand that diversity differences (i.e., race, gender, ethnicity, culture, exceptionalities, individual differences, etc.) affect learning and , know how to provide educational opportunities that meet the needs of all students.

Artifact 1: I created this Lesson as part of my unit on Animal Farm.  I had one inclusion class, in which most students had an IEP for low reading and other limitations. Although it was a “regular” English class, the students needed the extra help, support, and instruction on a different level as other students.  I, therefore, created this alternative lesson for the inclusion class.  The other classes listened to a short story, while the inclusion class watched clips from a documentary on the Hitler’s Youth program.  Both lessons fulfilled the same objectives and standards, yet the path to meet the objective was altered to better meet the needs and abilities of the students.  This proves that I can adjust and adapt a lesson to diverse ability levels and reach the same standard.

Artifact 2: I created this Mexican Culture Presentation as part of a group project in my Multi-Cultural Education class.  This presentation is only one section of my groups overall production.  I introduced the class to typical food dishes of Mexico, the popular sport: soccer, and a Mexican legend: La Leyenda de los Volcanes. This proves that I am aware of cultures that may be represented in my classes.  I understand something about another culture that I can use and incorporate into my instructional practices.


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