DM2 – Effective Pedagogy: Teacher candidates can create effective and meaningful instruction and assessments for all students based on required subject matter knowledge, state content standards, curriculum goals, and use of technology.

Artifact 1: I created this MLA Format Lesson Plan with this MLA Lesson Presentation and include it in this portfolio because it follows the Fisher and Frey model, which is an effective lesson plan design.  My presentation of this lesson was well received and meaningful because it helped students with their research papers.  I know that students learned based on the post-test scores and feedback from my cooperating teacher.  This lesson plan and results proves my understanding of effective pedagogy.

Artifact 2: I created this Lesson as part of my Animal Farm Unit.  This demonstrates my understanding of effective pedagogy because I created an alternative lesson for my honors students.  Both lessons focus on making connections to real world situations.  The regular students made connections to the protests in Egypt.  The honor’s students, however, were already following the situation on their own, so I had to find another connection.  I showed a video clip of a South African author talking about his life under Apartheid.  The connection proved developmentally appropriate for honors students, but would have been too hard for regular students.  This demonstrates my ability to create effective and meaningful instruction that helps diverse groups of students reach the same standard.


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