DM 5 – Reflective: Teacher candidates will be active learners and reflective practitioners, individually and with their colleagues.

Artifact 1: I created these handouts for my introduction to our Problem Based Learning research projects.  The order that I present them here is the order that I presented them to my classes.  The lesson and discussion was horrible.  I overwhelmed the students with the requirment specifications and topic lists before they even knew what to do with them.  I knew immediately I had to do something different for the next class, but what?  I reflected on my practices and after listening to some advice from my mentor teacher, I decided to simply reverse the order.  I, then, started with defining Problem Based Learning and then Hypotheses.    Finally, I ended with topics and then the requirements.  This situation is evidence that I am constantly reflecting on my performance as a teacher and looking for ways to improve. 

Artifact 2: After a challenging class period with my Inclusion students, I knew I wasn’t reaching them.  I though about what I could do with this class as I was driving home that day(the best time for reflection).  I still had no ideas, except that I know one of the Special Education teachers at Hurricane Intermediate, who lives in my neighborhood.  So I contacted her that evening and we visited.  She gave me many ideas of ways that I could capture and keep the fragile attention of this particular group of students.  I took these Notes of what we talked about and have been able to incorporate some of these strategies in my class.  My teaching and student learning has improved because of this visit with this teacher.  This artifact proves that I am aware that I don’t know or have all the answers, but I know what resources I have available to me and use them.


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