DM6 – Teaching Dispositions: Teacher candidates will foster a caring and professional relationship with students that focus on acceptance and their educational needs.

Artifact 1: I gathered these quotes to insert into my Classroom Management Plan for my Classroom Management class Fall 2010 semester at Dixie State College.  I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect quotes.  I chose these quotes because they illustrate my philosophy of education and of reading and writing.  I plan to post these quotes around my classroom.  I believe these ideas will contribute to an environment of caring and learning.  These quotes demonstrate my disposition as a teacher to foster a caring and professional relationship with my students.

Artifact 2: In fulfilment of an assignment from another class, one of my students wrote this Memo to me.  I have been able to develop a friendly relationship with my students as evidenced by this memo.  This particular students is only one of many with whom I have this relationship.  I enjoy teaching these students and I know that they respect me as a teacher.  This artifact proves that I am able to foster that delicate relationship with students that creates a friendly and academic atmosphere.


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