Educational Philosophy 

Purpose of Education


Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  This is, I believe, the purpose of education: to empower today’s youth to change the world for the better.  Empowerment comes from multiple exposures in a variety of ways to authentic problems and situations that require the mind to critically analyze and synthesize information in order to produce an answer or solution.  Positive change that benefits the lives of individuals and the whole of society comes from empowered people, and it starts with education.


Role of the Teacher and the Student in Education


In education, the teacher is to provide the means and opportunities which enable students to empower themselves.   The teacher is a facilitator to learning and an inspiration for students to reach a higher level of understanding.  The students, in turn, are the inspiration to the teacher.  The teacher is to customize and adapt instruction to the needs of the students, so that the students have every opportunity possible to affect change in the world. 


Role of the Teacher in the Community


To compare a community to a living organism, a school is the heart and education is the life-blood of that living entity.  Teachers, then, are the power that pumps blood to all components of the community.  If students are to be empowered to take on any challenge in life they choose (to be an effective member of the community), then they need the guidance of teachers who are highly qualified to facilitate students’ empowerment.   The teacher is to be aware of the culture, diversity, and needs of the community in order to be an effective facilitator.


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